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Become a hero! Become a volunteer!

Reading is essential in todays world but unfortunately, many children in Nigeria are struggling to learn to read and have no access to books. You will make a lasting difference in a childs life and will spread the gift of literacy by volunteering!

Here are a few reasons why you should become a Reading Hamlets volunteer

-You’ll make a lasting difference to a child’s life.

Reading is essential in today's world. Unfortunately many children struggle to learn to read for all sorts of reasons - 1 in 8 children in Nigeria left primary school behind in their reading. By becoming a Reading Hamlets reading helper, you’ll give a child the one-to-one attention they need to build their confidence and help them catch up with their reading. You’ll give them a chance to learn at their own pace and adapt the sessions to suit them.  Reading Hamlets reading sessions are relaxed and fun and by working together you can help give a child the vital skills they need to read, grow, succeed.

-It's rewarding.

Seeing the progress the children make and knowing you’re making a difference is highly rewarding. This is what some of our reading helpers said when we asked what they valued the most:"Seeing the children improve and develop and be able to read. Incredibly exciting.seeing the children's faces light up when I get to the classroom door. "When I am told by school staff that my visits have had a positive impact on some of the children".

-You’ll give something back to your local community.

As you’ll be working in a local primary school, supporting children near you, you’ll get to use your skills and experience to help give something back to your local community. Being a reading hamlets volunteer is a great way to get involved.

-You’ll develop new skills and make new friends.

​Becoming a Reading Hamlets volunteer is a great way to develop your communication skills and knowledge of the education sector. You'll have free food & you'll have fun!

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