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Solar-based reading lights
Reading Hamlets has partnered with Unite to light to supply solar-based reading light to Nigerian children living in rural areas. 

1.5 billion People do not have direct access to electricity and rely on kerosene, 
candles or firewood for lighting. Lack of suitable home lighting is directly linked to 
illiteracy, poverty and health problems. Too many children are burned or impacted 
by house fires linked to lighting. Lighting should be safe, clean and affordable to all. 

The Unite-to-Light project started with a visit from Pastor Kofi Fosuhene and Osei 
Darkwa to Santa Barbara. They explained that many people in Africa, who rely on 
kerosene for reading, suffer health problems and financial hardship. Aware of the 
work done at UCSB’s Institute for Energy Efficiency on high-efficiency LED lights &
high-efficiency solar cells, Fosuhene and Darkwa asked if the Institute could design 
an affordable reading light. Although many solar powered flashlights are available, 
they were interested in reading lights because of the problems related to children and education.

This miniature solar light cost just $20.00, the affordable solar light is “Buy One Give One” – for every one you purchase, Reading Hamlets will give one to a child in a village with no electricity to READ. The lights are multi-purpose, solar lights with rechargeable batteries. These lights are useful for reading at night, camping, power outages, and just about anything you can think of - even working on cars and plumbing. They are small and very light to carry.

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