Your generous support will make it possible for us to continue this very important mission of bringing books to those who need them the most, promoting literacy and complete our current projects.We believe that education is fundamental for these kids to ensure that they have promising futures and can spread their knowledge to others in their village.


Our projects

Anywhere you go in the world, the goal of the library remains the same: To be a free placewhere people can access, read and share information. Libraries provide children with learning materials, academic support, literacy programming, and is a space conducive to study. It is an environment that cultivates a love of reading and learning, and gives children the tools and resources they need to improve their literacy. ​

Two schools have approached Reading Hamlets to help them with books and furniture for their school libraries that have no books and little to no furniture. LEA primary school, located in Abuja FCT and Ubegu primary school located in Ebonyi state. These schools lack the budget to stock their shelves and we want to help them! Our focus now is to provide books and furniture to these schools. So far, Ubegu primary school has managed to build a library. The library was built by Akaeze development center. LEA primary school also has a library with little to no books. To provide these children with a functional library, we are eagerly looking to stock their shelves with books and provide furniture.

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About the projects:

​Ubegu primary school library in Ebonyi State has no books & no furniture.LEA Junior Secondary school in Abuja has no furniture, few books.   

The impact:
School libraries are not just about having books; they are learning hubs and have a positive impact on school children. Having a library in these schools would help children learn more, read more, get better results, and score higher on test than students in schools without libraries.  

The libraries would also help students develop a love of reading, educate, inform, entertain, debate ides and enrich students at all levels.

What we need:

​Our goal is to raise $20,000. We want to improve literacy in these schools & their community but in order for us to achieve this, we would need your financial contribution. Help us stock their bookshelves with quality books & provide furniture to theses school libraries.

How you can help:

Our request for help is simple and we truly believe that your single act of kindness will be returned to you many times over. Your donations will enable us to buy furniture, buy books, ship the books to these schools, carry out these projects & many more and provide children with the support they need to create a brighter future.  You can also go directly to the Books For Africa website to donate