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Reading Hamlets has joined the movement,                    #PROJECT LITERACY

What is Project Literacy?

Everyone, no matter where they are born or live, should have the chance to learn. Literacy is the foundation of learning – yet not everyone has access to the opportunities it can bring. When an individual’s level of literacy improves, so too does their ability to make progress in their education, their employment prospects and earning potential, their health, even their engagement and participation 
in politics – and that of their families, too.

Convened by Pearson, Project Literacy is a major new campaign 
dedicated to building partnerships that bring the power of words 
to the world. Starting this year and for the next five years, 
Project Literacy will bring together individuals and organizations 
who have the energy, creativity, and resources to ensure that we make 
this generation the last to be held back by poor literacy.

Reading Hamlets is excited to be part of this major new campaign dedicated to working in partnership with our peers and our communities to build a more literate world in which every individual is empowered to succeed, progress and flourish.

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