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Special projects
We at Reading Hamlets believe that children from families who read together have a greater potential for success in school and we are committed to breaking the cycle of illiteracy through early intervention, direct service projects and community awareness. We’ll be partnering with government, writers, schools, publishers, bookstores, authors, and a whole host of other organizations that share our passion for reading.


Reading Hamlets is a strong advocate for education for all, access to books for all and a powerful force of change, speaking out for the interest of k... read more

Reading Hamlets Library Initiative

​RH library initiative is a program for primary & secondary schools in rural areas, with an emphasis on girl's schools because building a library is a key part of empowering girls in Nigeria to be agents of social change. The library will make educational resources more accessible as well as much needed study place. The initiative is for schools that don't have an existing library. We partner with schools to create a functional library and then fill their book shelves with age appropriate books, current and new books.

Girls self esteem and confidence program G-SECOP

​The girls self esteem and confidence program (G-SECOP) is aimed at building and maintaining self-esteem in girls especially struggling readers. The program promotes literacy, classroom/public speaking, self-esteem, adolescent health, and empowers girls with information on what they can do to help themselves accommodate or overcome their difficulties.
Each girl is encouraged to make a commitment to excel on these educational topics. G-SECOP programs take a personal approach in helping girls ages 8-18 to recognize and believe in themselves.

Books for newborn babies                 

New born babies will receive a book and their mum will receive handouts at local hospitals. These handouts will educate a mum about the importance of reading aloud and also guide them on how to read aloud to their new born babies. We want to encourage parents to provide the foundation for reading beginning at the birth of their child. From birth to 3 years is when 75% of brain development takes place, so if you read to your baby, you are helping them get to grips with words and sounds, making the early connections that will make it easier for them when they get to school.

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