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panel discussions and a closing session.  The opening session of the high-level thematic commemorated the 2015 United Nations Observance of Interntional Women's Day, under the slogan: "Empower women, Empower humanity. Picture it." 
The commemoration celebrated achievements, identified gaps and challenges, reaffirmed political will and commitment, revitalized public debate to accelerate the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and advance gender equality around the world. 

The theme of the morning panel discussion was: women’s economic and political empowerment, including access to decent work, and control over economic and productive resources and participation in governance and decision-making. This session focused on measures to achieve gender equality and women's economic and political empowerment at all levels. And also the most effective ways to change social norms, beliefs and practices regarding gender roles that contribute to the significant under-representation of women in decision making. 

The afternoon session was on: Access to quality education and skills development as tools for empowerment of women and girls. 
Our founder had an opportunity to make brief interventions during the afternoon session. Stating that education is vital for all women to reach gender equality and become leaders of change in the community. And in order to become change agents, we would have to increase access to quality education because it's one of the most effective tool for empowering women and girls. She concluded her speech by saying that while women and girls today are far more educated than before, huge gaps still remain. We need to close these gaps because educated women benefit entire societies, contributing to flourishing economies, avoiding abuse, better health, nutrition and educating their families and generations to come. 

At the closing session, it was acknowledged that gender equalities still remain in many societies. Discrimination in law and in practice persists. Violence against women and girls remain at an alarming high rate, women are still under paid and remain significantly under represented in decision making process. 
Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women is essential for effective action on all aspects of sustainable development in the context of the Post-2015 development agenda and the specific goals and targets that are to be adopted.

Reading Hamlets believes that urgent action is needed to empower women and girls, ensuring that they have equal opportunities to benefit from development and remove the barriers that prevent them from being full participant in all aspects of life. Reading Hamlets promotes women’s right to an education in all fields. We support educational programs to promote gender equality and women’s rights, revise formal school curricula and policies.

Help us celebrate our women by empowering them to express themselves, get an education and shape their own futures. Now is the perfect time to advocate for the educational rights of all girls in Nigeria.

On March 6, our founder attended the High-level thematic debate at the United Nations on advancing gender equality and empowerment of women and girls to commemorate International Women's Day. It was a one day event which consisted of an opening session, two interactive  

International Womens Day 2015