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Hours of service
served by Reading Hamlets volunteers

Books distributed
to primary & Secondary school students

Our Results

Are we truly making a difference in Nigeria? 

We interviewed 300 hundred students because we wanted to know  what has worked and what hasn`t worked. The results we found were simply good but we want these results to be phenomenal. 

Education leads to lower birth rates: Three years ago, when Nigerian students (girls) were asked, "How many children does your mum have?" Some said, 10 and some said 8. In 2014, when our volunteers asked how many children they want, most said three. Boys in turn want fewer wives. 

Education empowers women: Increased confidence and self esteem has enabled the majority of our girls surveyed to speak comfortably in front groups. 60% of our students share more info, engage more and discuss their goals.

Education decreases harmful traditional practices: Thanks to our volunteers who advocate on early childhood marriage. lt is a message most people are beginning to discuss and embrace.

Education is the path to rebuilding nations destroyed by conflict: Nigerian children from different ethnic background are being taught about peace building. Most no longer fight on school premises.

Education teaches much needed leadership skills and civic responsibility: It also provides a foundation for democratic governments.  A small number of our families have participated more fully in the political, social and economic development of their local communities.