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Donate through Goodsearch/Goodshop

As you begin your online shopping for the holidays, please consider using before ordering from your favorite merchants' websites. When you do, a percentage of your purchases can go directly to Reading Hamlets at NO cost to you.

It's Simple!

1. Download the GoodSearch-GoodShop tool bar at

2. Select Reading Hamlets (Queens, NY) as your charity of choice then Shop online!  

​Did you know that each time you purchase a BOOK, you could be helping purchase a book for a child in Nigeria?  When you are reading your new book, you can know that you are helping decrease illiteracy around the world?  Well, through, , each time you purchase something at more than 2,500 stores, including many book stores, a donation is made to Reading Hamlets.   So, you could use a Books A Million coupon and save money on some summer reading, and you’ll help stock a library with books and furniture.  Or, if you are buying textbooks, use a Textbook coupon and you’ll feel good that while you are studying, you are helping students in Nigeria as well.  And, it doesn’t have to just be books, you can buy things at other stores too. 

​School libraries are about more than just books, they are a gathering place where children learn to be confident and discover new worlds.   Which is why we not only supply these libraries with books, but also furniture.  So, here’s another way to help us.  Use a Crate and Barrel coupon through Goodshop, and Reading Hamlets will earn a donation that can go towards furnishing these libraries in Nigeria.  Think of how often you purchase things online.  Every day, every week, once a month? Regardless of how often it is, each time you do, you could be making a difference in a child’s life by giving them the gift of reading. 

Search the Internet! Through , each time you search the internet (it’s powered by Yahoo!), you could be raising funds that help children in Nigeria learn to read! Goodsearch donates a penny per search to Reading Hamlets. And that adds up quickly!  It doesn’t take much searching to earn enough money to buy a book for a child who whose life will be changed for reading it!

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Is shopping through Goodshop secure? ​ Yes! Goodsearch does not collect any credit card or personal information such as your name or address. The entire transaction is done ​ directly through the merchants, just as if you had gone to their website or store directly.

Am I paying more to shop through Goodshop?

No. This is no different than buying directly from the retailers website. You receive the same ​ prices and level of service. The retailers are responsible for collecting payments, shipping and returns.

How can I track the number of searches & revenue generated for Reading Hamlets?

After you have entered Reading Hamlets into ​ the " tell us who you want to help" box on the homepage, just click on the amount raised ​ button.