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Reading Hamlets advocacy is focused on improving the Nigerian educational environment. As part of our work, Reading Hamlets  provides timely information to policymakers and key constituencies about the importance of better teacher training, quality education, empowering girls, well equipped and safe schools. We utilize research findings, data, and programmatic expertise to advocate for policies and budgeting decisions that promote the best public education practices.



Globally, advocacy is urgently needed to accelerate progress on delivering better education to the hardest to reach and most marginalized populations in Nigeria. In the past decade of the new millennium, education has suffered a loss of momentum in both funding and priority. We believe that we need to catch up with other countries but there is still a long way to go. 

Reading Hamlets leadership and active participation in  multiple global coalitions like UNICEF and UNESCO enables us to amplify our voice to inform and influence multi-lateral institutions, such as the UN to influence and advance the educational system and rights agenda in Nigeria. 
Reading Hamlets continues to stand strong in opposition to domestic efforts that constrain rights to an education. 


Our field advocacy is focused on education for all, access to books for all and a powerful force of change, speaking out for the interest of children living in low income areas, particularly girls who have no access to books. Nationally, we are strong advocate for quality education, gender equality and empowering girls.

Reading Hamlets works to improve governmental policies and support the youth to become engaged in and influence national policy debates. In addition, we inspire girls to advocate for themselves and their communities. 

Field advocacy is crucial to improving education and lives of the people Reading Hamlets serves.