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Whilst there, at the orphanage, she came face to face with children who didn't know how to read, lacked academic resources and had no books to read. Spurred by what she had seen, she decided to start donating books used books to the same orphanage she visited. As time passed by, she saw the need to do more than just provide books to the orphanage but also to school libraries and hospitals. She believes in a world where all school children should have access to books and schools have sufficient resources to encourage and stimulate a love of reading in children. So far, she has found this work to be very challenging, rewarding and ultimately filled with hope.There's a literary crisis affecting our schools and we at Reading Hamlets believe that this needs to change. We hope you will consider joining us in the work to promote and improve reading in and outside the classroom across Nigeria.

​The mission of Reading Hamlets is to improve literacy and promote reading among Nigerian children, with a special emphasis on girls, living in low income communities.

Our goals  
* Advocate literacy issues
​* Create excellent libraries
* Inspire young people to read                        
* Solve the book crisis in Nigeria                   
* Promote literacy through reading
* Empower girls and inspire them to be confident

Our vision
​A literate Nigeria in which all children have access to books.

We are a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. As such, all your contributions to Reading Hamlets may be tax deductible. Click on documents below to view.

Articles of Incorporation filed in New York in June 2011.

​Amendment from CUREFO to Reading Hamlets document in June 2013

Organization profile for Reading Hamlets as of 2014

Letter of Determination from the IRS, certifying that we qualify as a tax exempt organization.

IRS Form 990 Year 2012     IRS Form 990 Year 2013

Reading Hamlets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by women, dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty through literacy, by providing books to children, with a special emphasis on girls, living in low income areas in rural Nigeria. Reading Hamlets aims at promoting reading & improving literacy in schools & homes across Nigeria through advocacy and outreach plans. Our outreach plans include book donations, building libraries, empowering young girls, literacy campaigns, and reading clubs.
Reading Hamlets (formerly known as Curefo Reading Foundation), founded by Christina Ude, was born in 2008 following a trip she made to an orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria and incorporated as a non profit organization in 2011.

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